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 Medical Update on Superiors

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PostSubject: Medical Update on Superiors   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:12 pm

The room was filled with a lot of well known medical researchers and scientists along with a few editors from major medical magazines and journals. Felix McCormack stood behind the podium inside the conference room with the blue owl Cyrax emblem hanging behind him against the wall. He had a white board brought into the conference room for his examples and gave a crooked smile to everyone who was settled in their seats, taking a deep breath. " 'Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.' A very intelligent man once said those words and I think a lot of men and women can agree with Mr. Einstein. Especially if you are in the line of work that has to do with science and medicine. We see and make a lot of mistakes but we learn from them and we persevere and become smarter and a little better at what we do." Dr. McCormack licked his lips and glanced down at his notes before up at everyone in the room, taking his time to calm his nerves down. "And because of mistakes.. and trial and error that I am here in front of you all right now.
"It has been one of the constant mysteries in science for some time now.. how a superior is just that; superior. How can a being possess abilities that some, like myself, did not think were possible. It was thought to be a miracle by some. Others saw it as a curse and believe it is only a power that God himself should possess and there have been numerous attempts to destroy this said superior identity out of a being. To make them 'normal' like the rest of us. However, I have found in my studies that there is a scientific explanation for why some are superiors and others aren't." Felix took another moment to let the words seep in before continuing once again.
"I have been researching this for some time now and after countless hypothetical analogies and tests the conclusion was always had the same result; there is a strand in the genetic make up that is found in superiors but not in someone who is not superior. This gene also has some connection to this chemical that is found not only in the brain but throughout the body." Felix took a blue marker and began to draw on the white board, drawing a double helix strand of DNA, some squares and squiggly lines and circles. Trying to make it easy for everyone to understand. "This chemical moves through the body and finds its way to these receptors here," He pointed towards the squares and squiggly lines. "Which sends a message throughout the body. Now these chemicals are found in everyone. However, the amount found in a superior is increased in such an amount there's no way it couldn't be involved with the gene that is found in bloo

A man in a white lab coat and wire rimmed glasses raised a pencil in the air since he had been taking notes for the lecture. "Dr. McCormack, are you implying that all superiors have this genetic make up? Or is this just from one test subject? There are so many different superiors out there how can you say they all have the same traits? Are you sure?"

Dr. McCormack nodded his head firmly. "Yes. I have done my research using test subjects of all different types. Of course I could not test every single species out there. But the species I did test were very diverse. From angels to werewolves, someone who could make their fingernails grow at an accelerated rate to someone who could turn into a mouse. I've done studies on any who were willing to allow me to study them."

Another man in a lab coat raised a hand in the air and waited for his turn. "What about those who were not born with this superior 'gene' as you call it? There are some like angels. They were human at one point. Did they have superior genes when they were human making them angels?"

He knew there would be a lot of questions about his theory and he knew how he had to answer them. "As I said, everyone has this chemical. When a person dies and comes back as a superior entity there still is no answer to that question. Maybe there are miracles out there. They have the same genetics as other superiors but the 'how' might be a mystery for years to come. When it comes to those who weren't born but develop a superior trait later in life comes from two reasons I have found: The first reason is the gene was dormant for most of their life and was awakened by something that has happened to them. The second is through contact with another form of superior genetics. Blood entering through a wound and mixing with a human's own dna plan and altering it. The bite of a werewolf or a vampire would be an example of this." Dr. McCormack looked around the room, knowing the questions were going to go on for a while. "Thank you for your time, and any further questions I will be delighted to answer. Just keep in mind that medicine and science can always change. This is just a glimpse into what might make up superior genetics."
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Medical Update on Superiors
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