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 Delta's List

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PostSubject: Delta's List   Mon May 10, 2010 9:00 am

Okay, I've decided to do things a little differently. I'm just going to be maintaining this one post, and as things are played and new things are added, I'll just update this post and put a new updated time in the description. I know it won't flash or anything, but I just wanna be a little different. Items in red are time sensitive. Items in green are on hold pending other episodes completion.

UPDATE: I now only place on this list RPs which I have a starter post / idea for. This does not mean I am uninterested in anything else, but it does make it easier to maintain.


"Do you ever try and count them all?" Devyn / Nate
"When Your The Best of Friends" Rafael / Blake
"Marcos.... Who was that?" Marcos / Rosie
"How Can We Help?" Rhys / Tazz / Keone
"What's your plan?" Marik / Dolls
"Music of the Night" Auron / Bal
"Caballero de Espana" Cortez / Miguel
"Scout Expo Project" Milo / Schroeder
"Taken" Nix / Bal


"How Are You Liking it So Far?" Rhys / Wes
"Keep Your Fucking Pants On!" Rafael / Pheonix / Tristan
"'Sup, yo?" TJ / Liam
"Swordplay" Elijah / Anjali
"Simulation Plains" D.E.P. / Quin
"Dreams" Ethan / Joel
"Long Time No See" Scott / Caleb
"Girl Talk" Sindel / Lilith
"Questionable Intelligence" Frank / Joseph


"If We Can Be Strong..." Cyle / Pheonix / Cresil / Ben
"Fun Night Out" Rhys / Chester / College Open
"Cabin Fever" Sanick / TJ / Lexy
"Honey, I have a mission..." Nix / Pheebs


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Posts : 62
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PostSubject: Re: Delta's List   Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:56 am

New Items Alert.
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Delta's List
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