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 Music Room Balcony

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PostSubject: Music Room Balcony   Mon May 10, 2010 11:34 pm

“..do you ever think one day the world would accept us?” Marie asked casually, the young woman was near her early twenties and her bright brown eyes showed so much hope. Her head was laying in a lap that belonged to another young man.

“you more than me” Samson chuckled, looking down to see the beautiful creature. “who would hate someone as delicate as you.”

“Samson, can I ask you something?” The female sat up and gave a serious look; obviously what she wanted to talk about was very important.


“..do you think we’ll die together. Hand in hand?”

Samson’s brows furrowed, the thought was so morbid but it showed so much meaning. He opened his arms and held the female tight, truly not wanting to let go. “I love you” He said softly. “I don’t care what they say. Superior or not, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Maries eyes narrowed, she tried her best to keep the tears in but knew she was failing. She nuzzled her nose into Samsons neck, she loved everything about him. Even though he was human, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. A life without him would only kill her, she was after all immortal. “..I love you too” The female finally responded back, her heart racing at the thought.

“It’s getting late, I better head back before everyone starts wondering.” Samson leaned over to kiss her lips softly. “ I’ll be back tomorrow to see you okay? Just stay low.”

“please don’t go yet!”

“Marie, I need to. I really want to stay with you but the other settler’s going to start asking questions.” The man stood up slowly, bringing the girl to her feet also as he held her hand tightly within his. “ I promise, one day it won’t be like this. We won’t have to hide anymore. Just you and me.”

Her bottom lip quivered, knowing that his dream would probably never happen. Humans were so close minded to something they don’t understand! “ I’ll be here…”
Samson looked deep into her eyes, knowing full well that she didn’t believe him. But there was nothing he could do right now, it was late and soon the others would wake up in camp. He leaned in to give her one last kiss for the night before walking towards the direction he needed to go to. If he continued to talk, he would probably lose track of time.

Marie stood where she was , watching the love of her life from a distance. Her eyes lowered to the ground, not wanting to be sad with the situation.. but glad that she found someone that loved her for who she was. Within seconds, her body phased into leaves and her overall entity carried in the small gathering of tree’s that were nearby. Dryads were rare in the west coast, but there were still sprinkled around the area.
It took Samson 20 minutes or so to finally get back to the small settlement, the fire was still crackling and the tents were closed. The guys must still be asleep.

“ Running off again?” A raspy voice said from behind the boy. “ We ain’t stupid boy!” As the man finished his sentence, a sack went over his face so he wouldn’t be able to see. A few men came out from hiding, chuckling to themselves while they started to tie the boy up with rope.

“Let me go! Please let me go!” Samson struggled, he didn’t care if he got out casted cause of this. All he wanted was reassurance to see Marie! If he knew it was going to end like this, he would of made it more memorable! That last kiss wasn’t his last kiss! “ PLEASE!” HE cried out.


next evening, a batch of leaves rustled out into the clearing, forming a curved body to reveal Marie. She had an eager look on her face, it was about that time to see her human again! Hours passed by and the night started to end. Samson wasn’t coming…
Her brows furrowed deeply at the thought, her heart breaking and shattering into a million pieces! “..he’s just busy today. He must be really tired.” Marie assured herself before phasing out once more and heading into the tree’s. He’ll be here tomorrow for sure.
Every night, for the past couple months, Marie stood outside waiting for her lover to come. It wasn’t until 4 months later she realized he wasn’t ever coming back. The dryad stood there, her hope along with her life started to fade.

Her body hardened, her skin taking in textures of wood as she started to spread her arms out, soon the dryad shifted into a tree. A tree that grew strong over the years.

----present day----

It had been about 3 or 4 hours since Evan came into the demons room to yell at him. The demon didn’t know why he personally didn't act up against his attitude. If it were Eric he would of most likely threw him out of the window for raising or thinking of getting away with something like that! But not Evan... then again, he wouldn’t have done it to other handful of people either. Nate, Malyk, Mikey... it was all too confusing. Was it possible that all these people had SOME power over Bal? His eyes lowered to see a tree that was nearby the music room balcony. It was relatively close, you could actually reach out and climb down it if you wanted.
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Music Room Balcony
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