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 Don't Be Stupid

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PostSubject: Don't Be Stupid   Thu May 13, 2010 10:26 pm

[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan had felt awful for what he'd said on the phone the previous night with Scotty.. so bad in fact, that he ended up baking all night. He'd gotten into a fight with Eric who unsurprisingly, beat the crap out of Ev and left him with a few light bruises on his stomach that were healing quite nice. He waited until noon time before he finally got into his car with a decorative tin full of homemade cookies and drove to Scotty's house. Upon arriving he found himself infront of the door with the tin tucked under one arm as he rang the doorbell.
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] disylnd02: Scott yawned as he made his way downstairs in a t-shirt, gym shorts and socks that he slept in. He had been just starting to wake up and the doorbell had jarred him awake faster than he had intended. He opened the door, half surprised and half not to see Evan there. Scott held his head down, feeling bad about everything. "....Hey," he said quietly, licking his lips and holding the door open for his friend.
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Heh... hey." Evan said back softly and licked his lips before he stepped over the threshold into Scotty's place. "I uh.. made you some cookies.." He said and held the tin out nervously.
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] disylnd02: A small smile curved onto Scotts face as he took the cookies. "Ev, you didn't have to..." he said, chuckling nervously, leading the way into the kitchen and turning to his friend, yawning widely again. "Listen, I want to say I'm sorry. I sorta lost my head a little yesterday. I've just... I've just never had anyone pay so much attention to me, and it's sort of confusing, you know?" he asked, licking his lips, not sure still where his mind was set at the moment.
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan followed Scott into the kitchen and put his hands down on the counter, letting them clench and unclench into fists casually. More so to keep him awake than anything else. "Yeah.. when you get attention from someone thats what it does. It feels nice.." He frowned a bit but tried for the most part to keep a smile on his face. "I shouldn't have lost my temper like I did.. I'm sorry."
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] disylnd02: Scott sighed and looked down, wishing that he could say what he REALLY wanted to and tell Evan that he wished it was him who was giving him that attention. But Evan was seeing Keith and Scott knew he couldn't do that to them. "No, it's understandable," he said quietly, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I told you I wouldn't do anything, then turned around and asked if it would be okay." He shook his head. "That was stupid."
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] NotSoHappyPanda
"The main reason.. why I have such a problem.." Evan started to say and moved away from the counter and over towards Scott. "..is because I don't want to you see you hurt." His voice got softer as he put his hands on Scott's shoulders and rubbed them a bit in a reassuring way. "I'm not just talking about emotionally, either Scotty.. there's a lot of things you don't know. I know I probably just sound like some jealous ex but.. he can be dangerous."
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] disylnd02: Scott continued to look down. "I still want to stay around him as a friend," he said bluntly, feeling his heart falling a little bit as he was realizing he needed to do this for Evan's sake. But then again, what Bal had said the other day... fuck, this was just a mess! He reached up and ran his hands over his face aggrivatedly before looking back over at Evan, just deep seeded confusion in his eyes. "Evan, I both hate and love this feeling," he whispered, leaning in to lay his tired head onto his friend's shoulder.
[Thu May 13 2010 10 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Scotty you can be friends with whoever you want.. I'm not going to be mad at you for being friends with Bal." He gave a short chuckle, figuring if anything he'd be mad at Bal. He wrapped his arms around Scott and rubbed his back lightly. "Heh.. believe me I know how you feel. Things will get better though.. eventually. Just chin up, bud."
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: "When?" Scott asked with a light, ironic chuckle. All of a sudden, he was feeling depressed. He wrapped his arms casually around Evan, just holding him there, a longing he'd supressed for so long starting to well up inside of him, only to make the instant depression worse. "I was so desperate a couple of months ago I found someone on Facebook," he admitted quietly, not sure why. "Just for a hookup." The boy nuzzled his nose into Evan's neck, subtly taking in his scent. "I just want to find what you and Keith have..."
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan let his hands move along Scott's back gently rubbing it before wrapping tighter around his friend and closing his eyes as he held him there. He could feel Scott breathing on his neck and it tickles a little which made him smile. "I'm sure someone will come along.. heh.." He said softly. "How could someone like you not have people stumbling over themselves to be with you?" He said as he moved his head to rest ontop of Scott's.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott closed his eyes and kept his head exactly where it was, feeling his heart shatter, being this close to Evan and knowing he couldn't do what he wanted. "I'm usually the butt of the joke," he whispered, knowing that Bal had taken care of that to a large degree, but that didn't make it any easier. In fact, it made everything even more difficult in a way. "How... how did you find Keith?"
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "You're not, Scotty.." He said gently. "You're smart and fun to be around. I love hanging out with you.. you're one of my best friends." Evan confessed before he opened his eyes to glance down at Scotty. "Well we're on the tennis team together. One day he just.. asked me if I was gay." He furrowed his brows recalling when him and Keith actually started to talk. "..I got angry at him because I thought he was going to try and make fun of me for it during Tennis but it was the opposite."
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: The boy still didn't move, just taking in Evan's warmth and holding him close, not really wanting to let go. "So, he just asked you out? Or how did you guys start out?"

[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "He asked me if I wanted to go get some food with him.. heh.. it had been snowing out which is weird since its Vegas, y'know?" Evan said and moved his hand up to let his fingers play with Scott's hair a bit, gliding them through his hair and whatnot. He did it to Eric whenever Eric was down and needed a hug so he didn't think much of it. "We just sort of clicked, I guess.. I feel bad for Keith in a way. He's gone through a lot and has had it rough.." He frowned suddenly, thinking about Keith and recalling him almost dying.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott swallowed as he moved even closer to the wolf, his eyes still closed. God, his hand through his hair felt so good! "What about when I asked you if you were seeing anyone and you said you weren't? Just after I found out about the job and we started hanging out a lot more?" he asked, his voice starting to crack as he was inadvertantly getting closer to the danger area, not realizing it at all.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan could feel Scott moving closer and since they were standing there in the kitchen he glanced around before he held the boy tightly and swiveled his body a bit so he could lean his back into the counter that way he wouldn't lose his balance and pulled Scott into him comfortably. His body temperature was much warmer than Scott's was.. but it felt nice to hold the boy. "God.. this is going to sound stupid.. stupid and unbelievable.." He muttered as he tilted his head to rest it atop Scott's once more and kept playing with his hair. "..I uh.. heh.. lost my memory at the time. A lot was going on and I sort of talked someone into wiping my mind so I didn't have to deal with it. Cowardly, I know.."
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott narrowed his eyes and finally lifted his head to look into his eyes, confused about why Evan would do that. "Are you... are you happy with Keith?" he asked, sounding genuinely concerned and curious, which he was.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan looked into Scott's eyes for a moment before he averted his gaze down towards the ground as he tried to think about it. "Keith.. Keith makes me happy.." He said softly and nodded as if he were trying to convince himself. "I just.. I don't know. I feel like there's something missing sometimes?" Evan said and looked back up to meet Scott's gaze. "Heh.. all I want is for someone to feel about me the way I feel about them. Sometimes I think Keith would be better off without me.. away from the danger that comes with being with a werewolf.."
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott lowered his own eyes, holding onto Evan tightly still. "That something missing?" he asked, "Do you think it's more him? Or you?"
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Its definitely me." He said feeling sad that he was admitting this. "Like I said.. I think its just that I'm scared to death of him getting hurt. I'm afraid of hurting him myself.." He grabbed at Scott's shirt a little and pulled on it to try and straighten it out for him and take the creases out.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott continued to look at him, confusion in his eyes. "You're too hard on yourself," he said quietly, afraid to move, having never imagined being even this close to Evan. "You're a good guy, and you wouldn't hurt him, would you?" Scott was subtly actually asking for himself and not for Keith, but he didn't even realize it himself, much less in his tone.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Not intentionally." He said and felt himself starting to get really upset, recalling his recent run in with Bal. He watched Scott's face and then gave him a small smile. "No. Of course I wouldn't hurt Keith. You would have to be a monster to hurt that boy." He raised a brow curiously at his friend. "Why all the questions about Keith?"
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott lowered his eyes towards the floor and leaned his head forward again, this time, resting on Evan's upper chest. "I wanted to know how he got so lucky," he whispered, closing his eyes in the hope that that would keep his emotions and tears in check, feeling completely embarassed and like a total asshole for even thinking what he was thinking.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan's breathing picked up in pace a little at what Scott said, feeling himself get a little embarassed by it and his cheeks turning pink while he blushed. He looked down at the top of Scott's head and glanced around for a second even though he knew there was nobody around before he nuzzled his nose into the boy's hair and took in his scent, planting a kiss on top of his head. "Lucky is an overstatement.. more like cursed." He said with a chuckle.
[Thu May 13 2010 11 AM] disylnd02: Scott shook his head into Evan's body, blushing from the kiss, which made the boy desire the wolf even more. "Not cursed. It wouldn't be a curse to be with someone as sweet and kind as you."
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan? Sweet and kind? He thought of himself more of a jerk than anything lately.. "No.. I think cursed definitely fits the right description. Heh.. so you should be happy.. because you don't have to deal with the werewolf curse." He teased him a bit.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] disylnd02: He shook his head again, rubbing his head into Evan's chest, a little surprised he hadn't stopped him or moved him to a chair or something. Scott wasn't usually clingy at all, but with everything that was going on lately, it really did feel like he was slowly losing his mind, and here was Evan, there for him, helping him. "Maybe I wouldn't mind," he said, clearly no longer thinking about what he said, just letting his heart talk since his mind was... not helping him lately.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan chuckled a little awkwardly wondering where this was all coming from with Scott.. granted, he recalled Scott asking him out at one point but then he had turned him down and everything was perfectly fine between them as they stayed friends. He figured maybe it was because they had just gotten into a fight. "Listen.. do you mind.. maybe if I could just stay here a bit with you? I sort of didn't sleep last night and unless I just relax I'm going to turn into Cujo." He teased and started to toussel up Scott's hair. "Which reminds me.. have you put any effort into the superior rights.. thing?" Ev didn't really know what it was called.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] disylnd02: Scott broke out of his daze, shaking his head almost as if he hadn't really been there at all, but he still remembered it all. Just, it seemed... surreal. "Hmmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. We can chill on the couch and watch some movies.." he picked up the cookie tin, "and have cookies, or we can chill up in my room, if you end up needing some sleep?" he offered, backing off of Evan a little bit and starting to move around the kitchen, getting some drinks and such. "Yeah, Chance and Vince talked to me for a little bit. I'm sort of waiting for them to coordinate their plans, but I think at some point I'm going to have to tell my story, you know?"
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Yeah, I know." Evan's smile got a little brighter when the topic was changed. He hated talking about relationships if he could avoid it. The sudden topic switch made his mood a lot better and he leaned over to grab the cookie tin. "Well.. there's no harm in telling your story. I know we're forbidden to talk about what we are because it could put our house in danger. Considering we already get enough action.. I'd rather have a safehouse where I can sleep without being woken up, y'know? Night attacks aren't fun." He muttered the last sentence and waited for Scotty.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] disylnd02: He tilted his head and made his way into the living room with a new box of chilled cokes. "You want anything special to drink?" he asked, "And what do you want to watch? Dad's a movie nut, so we have just about every DVD ever made." The boy set the cokes down and made his way to a closet next to the enormous flat panel TV. He wasn't kidding about the DVD's. The deceptively small closet was packed floor to ceiling with movie racks, hardly any space able to be found on any of them. "This isn't even the blu-ray collection," he added rolling his eyes a little. "They're down the hall, but probably worth it most of the time; they really are a million times more clear."
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan set the tin of cookies down on the table and stretched his arms up over his head with a yawn before he shrugged. "It doesn't really matter. What's your favorite movie? Put that in." He said with a chuckle before he plopped down onto the couch and tried to get himself comfortable, rubbing his stomach. "And I'm not picky with food.. one thing about my kind? We'll eat pretty much anything. Some of us.. a little more than others though."
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] disylnd02: Scott went into the blu-ray cabinet and grabbed the third X-Men movie, almost randomly. "I've always liked this movie," he said with a shrug, blushing a little as he realized the irony. "Ironic, isn't it?" he asked before flopping down on the couch next to Evan and leaning over onto his side again, but in more of a friendly way than before, almost as though the neediness was gone.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan chuckled a bit and he leaned right back into Scott to sort of even out the weight that was being put into the middle of the two of them and feeling himself starting to relax. "X-Men.. heh. Only you, Scotty.." He shook his head and found it amusing that this was what they were watching. "The funny thing about this movie? I know people that have abilities that are similar to the ones of these characters. Makes you think.. what the comic book series really fictional or is it based off a true story?" He teased.
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] disylnd02: "Really?" he asked, getting comfortable, which he already was, mostly. "It's really amazing how many of you guys there are. I really didn't have any idea," the boy said, reaching out for a cookie and starting to nibble on it. "This is really good!!"
[Thu May 13 2010 12 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: He grinned at his friend and pulled a cookie from the tin. "Glad you like it. Fairly easy recipe and... I know I made enough.." His cheeks blushed since there were snickerdoodle, plain, chocolate chip, macadamia nut, M&M and peanut butter cookies in there. ...it was a long night. "There's a bunch of us.." He started to say as he bit into the snickerdoodle cookie. "...it makes you wonder sometimes. At least I've wondered a few times. If we were all as bad as people think we are? Then why do we stay in hiding? We could probably overthrow everyone who was against us. It would be hard.. but we could do it. Makes you think. Obviously we're not that bad if we'd rather live in fear than anger."
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] disylnd02: "It's the fear of the unknown," Scott said, leaning easily into Evan, almost as if everything had just been repressed back away again. "But that doesn't mean you should live in fear. It's the same with the gay rights. It's started to become a non-issue, not because anything's really changed like more gay people or something, it's that we're more open, and all of a sudden, everyone has a gay friend. It's easy to say 'those damn werewolves,' it's harder when that includes Evan."
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "If more of us came out about what we are you could be right. It could change the way people view our kind if they put a name infront of the species. Er.. well, species in my case." He said and shrugged before he grabbed another cookie out of the tin and playfully bumped his head against Scott's as he kept his focus on the movie. "Not to mention.. we do missions? We get notifications of help wanted where the abilities of a superior are needed. So we donate our time to help people and risk our lives.. but nobody cares about that either."
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] disylnd02: "Well, how can people's opinions change if you keep all that a secret?" he asked, furrowing his brow and chowing down on a snickerdoodle. "If all people see is what happens on the news on their tvs and stuff, you'll never change anything, or at least not for the better, right?"
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Yeah." He said simply, letting the conversation die down a litle bit about that topic. He finished off his cookie and let out another yawn. "Maybe I'll live long enough to see when everyone gets along." Evan yawned again and shook his head. "Just don't get yourself killed. People drop like flies around me and it hasn't happened in awhile. Let's keep it that way."
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] disylnd02: "Yeah, I'm sorta against dying right now," he said with a grim chuckle, knowing it wasn't really a joke, but not wanting to get into that sort of conversation at the moment.
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "We can be against it together then, okay?" He said playfully before he rubbed the back of his neck a bit causing the collar to jingle around his neck, then he moved his arm over Scott's shoulders since he was already leaning into him. It was just to get more comfortable.
[Thu May 13 2010 01 PM] disylnd02: Scott felt his heart skip a beat as Evan wrapped his arm around him in the silence. No, no, no, say something, Ev, say something, he thought to himself, needing a distraction of some kind to keep him from seeing this as something other than what it was. He took an M&M cooking and started to eat that down, clearing his throat a little. "What.. what are your plans for the summer?" he asked suddenly nervously.

[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Summer? Well..." He thought about it for a moment realizing he hadn't really thought about the upcoming summer. "I'll probably look for a job. Something sort of temporary? I struggle with classes during the school year so I don't work. Or maybe I'll just take a month and go up in the mountains? You know.. some time alone and just tap into my animal side?" He said with a grin knowing that sounded weird... but then again he really did have an animal side.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: Keep talking, just keep talking, he continued to think, feeling himself calming down a little bit, but not enough yet. "What do you do for money then?" he asked, desperately trying to mentally ignore the arm around his shoulder.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Well.." He adjusted his weight on the couch trying to move around a bit so he could get comfortable. "..my brother has a lot of money. Actually, I have my own savings fund but I can't touch it until I'm eighteen so he gives me money whenever I need it." He looked over at Scott and something felt a little off. "Hey.. you okay?" He asked as he started to rub Scott's arm with his hand that was around his shoulders.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: Scott swallowed, feeling his body actually tense up from the touch instead of relax. "Yeah," he muttered, realizing how bad he'd hidden himself. "That just feels really good is all..."
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "I can stop, y'know.." Evan said and furrowed his brows, worried that he'd done something wrong. He felt the boy tensing up and was pretty sure when you felt good you relaxed. "Hey.. tell me what's on your mind, Scott.." He said and tried to turn his body a bit so he'd be facing him more.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: Scott adjusted as Evan moved so that he ended up face up in his lap, looking up at the wolf. He closed his eyes, knowing there was hardly any hiding it anymore as his face turned bright red. "I don't know if I can," he said in a sad whisper, his normal repression not working.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: He looked down at him and tilted his head to the side a bit in a way that a curious pup would do and smiled down at him with a light chuckle. "Come on, Scotty boy.. you can talk to me!" He teased and poked the boy playfully on the nose before he started to stroke his hair back.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: Scott felt his heart starting to race. "You've got to promise me you won't run off if I tell you, then," he said quietly, feeling like his throat was closing up a little bit from his nervousness.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: He swallowed and furrowed his brows again, letting his face get serious. He was a little nervous to find out what Scott was about to tell him.. it didn't sound good but he nodded in agreement. "I promise."
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: He looked down, carefully reaching up to take Evan's wrist. "Ever since I asked you out, I've always thought about you," Scott said swallowing. "I really like you, Evan, and I know you're with Keith, so I've hidden it away." The boy let out a sigh and finally looked up into his eyes. "Just, everything that's happened the last few days has made it impossible for me to keep hiding it."
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Okay so that wasn't what Evan was expecting at all! He looked at Scott's hand on his wrist and licked his lips, his brows still furrowed as he tried to take in everything his friend had just said. "I.. I didn't know.." Evan said softly and shook his head a little to show his confusion. "Scotty.. when you asked me out I thought it was just to try and get to know eachother better. I didn't realize you liked me that much..." He felt awkward but flattered at the same time. He'd always thought Scotty was cute and even peeked at him a few times but never thought much of it.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] disylnd02: Scott shook his head. "All knowing would have done is create drama for you," he said quietly, feeling like shit for putting Evan through this; for putting Keith through this; for putting Bal through this. "I know the way things are, and I've always tried to stay out of the way. But you made me tell you." He slowly lowered his hand to Evan's, taking it in his own, knowing it was a mistake to do it, that letting go would be even harder now, but he wanted to know what it felt like, if only once for a few seconds.
[Thu May 13 2010 02 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan didn't pull away as Scott grabbed his hand.. instead he interlocked his fingers with the boy's and held it for a moment. "Scott.." He wanted to tell him something to make him feel better.. but what would he tell him?! Evan wasn't about to leave Keith.. he'd already proven that to himself for turning Bal down. So what was he going to say? "Heh.. you.. you know you can always talk to me about these things. I'll always be here for you and you shouldn't keep things bottled up.."
[Thu May 13 2010 03 PM] disylnd02: He let out a small sigh. "I just don't want to make things complicated for you." He lowered his eyes to their interlocked hands and tears finally started to fill his eyes. "Or for me," Scott added, closing his eyes as he rotated his body to sit up, still keeping Evan's hand locked in his and looking into his eyes. "I was doing really well until... well, until the other day," he said quietly.
[Thu May 13 2010 03 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: Evan felt awful! He held Scott's hand and his thumb started to move across Scott's hand to try and comfort him a bit. "Was it.. was it something I did? Please, Scotty.. was it my fault?" He felt like a total jackass now. "If it was I promise I'll make it up to you."
[Thu May 13 2010 03 PM] disylnd02: Scott shook his head and chuckled. "No, it wasn't you, Evan," he said with a sigh, his throat feeling heavy again. "It was... it was the flowers, I think," he said, closing his eyes. "And how you reacted to them. It was almost like you were... jealous..."
[Thu May 13 2010 03 PM] NotSoHappyPanda: "Jealous?" Evan was surprised to hear thats what caused Scott to feel this way. He shook his head. "Maybe a little bit but it was more just anger. I was angry because I know what presents from Bal means and like I told you.. I don't want you getting hurt. I don't know.. if you'd be able to handle a fight with Bal, Scott." He said and held his hand a little tighter. "I don't mean emotionally, either. I mean.. he'll could accidentally kill you!"
[Thu May 13 2010 03 PM] disylnd02: "That's what I mean," Scott said quietly, looking down towards his lap. "I was flattered by what he did... but, I don't know. Something triggered this. It's like, thats the kind of attention I would love to have, but... I wish it had come from you..." The boy just shook his head. "That probably doesn't make any sense, but... well, it is what it is."
Evan didn't know what to say to this.. he understood what he meant entirely. He used to be the same way when Keith would do sweet things for him. "..come here.." He said and tried to pull the boy towards him, wanting to pull him into a hug.
Scott let himself get pulled into the tight hug, feeling knots tie up in his chest and stomach as his depression, that had only just started to lift, settled back in on him. "I'm sorry, Evan," he said quietly, laying his head on the wolf's shoulder, quietly sniffling a little bit as he tried to fight the tears.
"Scott.. don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong." He said in a soft voice as he held the boy and hearing him sniffle. "You'll be okay.. its just a part of relationships. A sucky part.. but a part of them. Heh." He nuzzled his face into the crook of Scott's as he held him, just trying to make him feel better.
Scotty sighed and nodded into Evan's neck. "You... you wanna go get some lunch?" he asked, lifting his head and wanting to move ahead a littl bit if he could.
Evan looked at Scott's face, realizing it was pretty close and held his breath for a second before he blinked and nodded. "Y-yeah. Let's go out and eat.. I'll uh.. I'll buy.." He said softly and furrowed his brows, feeling like he was going to get angry with himself. He got up from the couch and put a hand on Scott's shoulder. "Pick where you want to go.."
A small smile crossed his face. "How's barbeque sound to you?" he asked, his heart still both feeling shattered and full at the same time. He scooped up his house keys from the rack next to the door, and his wallet that was right under that. "I'll drive.
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