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 "Where Is My Breakfast?!"

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PostSubject: "Where Is My Breakfast?!"   Thu May 20, 2010 11:19 pm

Evan wasn't sure what had happened with Cyle in the kitchen and couldn't remember how he'd gone from cutting up an onion to lying on the ground in water with his feet frozen together. All he knew was that he needed some fresh air to hopefully help clear his head from whatever it was that had happened. His head ached and he felt like his emotions were a little uncontrollable all of a sudden. He'd felt that way since the previous night after running into Scott. What had happened to Scott?
Eric growled in his sleep, kicking his feet and his arms around violently in his sleep until he heard the yelling and crashing going on which made him snort and jerk awake looking around as if someone where attacking him. "I didn't do it!" He called out until he realized he was alone and plopped his head back down on the pillow. However, he was already awake from the disturbance and figured he might as well go get food. Food! Eric leapt out of bed and put on some clothes before heading out of his dorm room. He headed towards the kitchen but saw it was a total mess and shook his head, changing his path to go to the backyard figuring maybe he could go eat a goat or something to tide him over until someone explained the breakfast situation. After shutting the sliding glass door and getting ready to shift his body into something more hairy and scary, he spotted Evan sitting down in the grass. "YO! What are you doing out here?! Where's my food?!" He called after him as he started to jog over to his brother.
Evan stared at the grass as he sat there indian style, picking out little blades of grass and shaking his head back and forth like he was lost in his own thoughts. His mind swimming and trying to wrap around anything that made any sense in the past few days which it definitely couldn't do. He heard Eric's calls but he didn't bother to look up or even make any sort of gesture to show that he had heard him coming up beside him and just instead kept looking at the blades of grass that he tore up into smaller pieces and dropped back down into the grass.
"Uhh.. helloooo?!" Eric said when Evan didn't budge and nudged him with his foot. "Get up! I'm hungry!" He said grumpily and kept poking him with his bare toes. "Get uuuup or I'm going to stick my toe in your eaaarr!" Eric sang and lifted his foot up towards Evan's ear trying to test him. Usually Evan would fight him back! They should be rolling around in the grass beating the piss out of eachother right about now! The only time he didn't was when he was upset and Eric dropped his foot back down and plopped his ass down in the grass beside the white wolf and stared at him curiously. "Whats wrong this time?"
"Heh.. 'this time'?" He asked softly, still staring at the grass and not bothering to look over at Eric. "Just.. go out and get yourself some food today, Er. I'm not in the mood." His headache was starting to amplify again and he rubbed at his eyes.
"Dude.. I know somethings wrong. Why don't you just spit it out or do I have to make you do it? I'll go get Shane. He'll make you say it!" Eric threatened, knowing Evan would always spill his guts to his older brother before telling Eric if it were that important.
"Shane?" Evan asked and squinted a bit before he rubbed his eyes again, blinking several times before he started to feel like he wasn't even there anymore. Suddenly his expression hardened and he looked over at Eric with a glare in his eyes. "Yeah you know what? Why don't you do that?" He shot at him. "Go get Shane! Because Shane knows everything, doesn't he, Eric? We all know you're Shane's favorite!"
Eric raised a brow at the other boy. "Ohhkaaay.. don't know whats up your ass but obviously it ain't feeling too good. Calm down, dude. You know how it is. We're all brothers, right?" Eric knew he wasn't blood related but Shane had told him time and time again that he was definitely a part of the family no matter what and that he'd always be family. Eric still didn't believe it half the time but he went with it.
"No, Eric. We're NOT brothers! You're not blood like me and Shane are! Except that Shane likes you better than he likes me. Just because your family was screwed up doesn't mean you had to come live with us and screw ours up too! I know its your fault Shane got bit. Its your fault Shane lost his temper and he killed my mom and dad! Everything is YOUR fault Eric!" Evan got up now from the grass and glared down at the other.
The reckless wolf knew this was going to come out at some point but he wasn't expecting it like this! Eric just shook his head and got to his own feet not wanting to stare up at Evan while he towered over him. "Okay you've lost your damn mind! You know there was nothing I could do to stop that! What do you want me to do take it all back? I can't!" He felt himself starting to get emotional as that struck a very sore nerve for him and he gave a low growl, wanting to take that hurt and turn it into anger. "You want to fight me about this!?"
"Bring it you useless mooch!" Evan spat back at him and hunched his back as if he were about to transform but nothing happened, instead his right hand started to glow black as a milky, smoke substance formed in his hand.
"The fuck is that?!" Eric asked and was about to shift but stopped himself as he took a step back. "Ev, man. What the hell is wrong with you?!" The older of the two took another step back seeing a rage in Evan's eyes he hadn't seen before.
Evan threw the black smokey fire towards Eric and hit the reckless wolf in the stomach with it and watched as it singed through the boy's shirt. A cruel smile spread across Evan's lips as he watched Eric cry out in pain. "Bring it. Its no wonder your dad drank and killed your mom. Its all because you were such a screw up, worthless kid wasn't it?! You always were and you always will be!"
Eric held his stomach as he felt blood starting to drip through his burnt up skin and knew it would be a good hour before that healed back up! He was becoming even more furious and yelled out in his anger. "I'll fucking kill you!" He bellowed before he lunged himself at Evan and grabbed him around the waste, throwing him back and straight into the trunk of a tree where he held him there firmly. "You want to talk about who is useless?! How about you running away from your problems, huh?! HUH?!"
Evan cringed and felt his body start to shake as he broke into a cold sweat, his head hitting the trunk of the tree and looking at Eric. "Eric... Eric it hurts..." He whimpered, taking short breaths and trying to struggle away from his brother. "Gah.. stop, Eric.. you're not helping it hurts!" He cried out in pain as tears started to form in his eyes before his mouth opened to scream but instead a black substance came shooting out of his mouth, heading up into the air as the wolf started to cry.
Eric saw the smoke coming out of Evan's mouth and ducked his head away from the path it was shooting towards but kept Evan firmly against the tree. He watched the smoke swirling around in the air and hit Evan's head against the trunk. "What the hell is that?! Tell me what that is!" He demanded.
Evan's body started to go limp from exhaustion as if whatever that smokey substance was had sucked some of his life out with it. He became dead weight in Eric's arms before his head shot to the side and he started to violently puke all over the grass while Eric held him there.
Eric paid no mind to Evan's retching and suddenly dropped the younger wolf into a heap in the grass so he could give the smoke his full attention. "What is that?!" He asked again before he watched it starting to slowly descend towards him. "WAHH!" He screamed out and picked up his feet to try and run away, shifting into a big brown wolf so he could run faster. Except the smoke followed him and even in his wolf state, the smoke sped up and forced itself into the wolf's open mouth. The wolf stopped running and stayed frozen in place as the smoke was sucked into its mouth, causing him to shift back to his human self and he laid on his back in the grass staring up at the sky.
Evan got to his knees and put a hand to the trunk of the tree to keep him steady as he kept retching all over the grass, groaning and heaving trying to breathe between each time. He looked weakly over towards Eric and wondered what had happened. Did he black out again? What was wrong with him? "..E..Eric..?" He asked in a soft, rough voice.
Eric slowly got up from laying there and turned his attention over towards Evan. His eyes seemed to lose their usual playfulness to them as they were hard and cold. They changed from their usual hues to total black and he got to his feet and started to slowly walk towards Evan. "Do you think anyone would care if I killed you Evan? Does anybody really care about you at all?" He asked as if he were teasing the younger wolf. "I don't think so." He was making his way towards Evan, getting ready to grab the boy and wanted to strangle him to death with his bare hands until - Someone whistled from the patio deck in the backyard. "Eric! Get in here I need you to run an errand for me!" Shane stood there tightening his robe around his body and furrowed his brows, watching the two boys out there. They were always messing around and fighting that Shane didn't think anything of it. "I need you to run to the store. Get over here now!" Eric stopped, his eyes changing back to their usual color and he blinked a few times like he was confused. He looked at Evan, seeing him puking and glared at him. "Dude you're fucked up." He muttered before he turned and headed towards the house, wanting to know what it was Shane needed him to do. He'd kick Evan's ass later.
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"Where Is My Breakfast?!"
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