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 "I Have Enough Time!"

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PostSubject: "I Have Enough Time!"   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:43 am

Blake: "ughh.." Blake groaned as he reached to whipe his eyes with his hands. The boy eyed the clock that read 4:08 PM. Usually Lexy would be home around 6 or so, she didnt have a job anymore but she still had beauty school. He eyed his book and contemplated. Blake needed a break anyway! He quickly got up from their bed and made his way to lock the door~ that was until he felt his phone vibrate. "huh?" Blake got distracted and quickly ran over to check it. Stupid telemarketers advertising through the text messages! Now where was he? Oh yeah! He made his way towards Lexys side of the dresser and eyed her Jergens lotion bottle. He bit his tongue, adrenaline pumping through his body as he reached for the computer chair. He quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal his scooby doo boxers, it wasnt long until his hand started to rub his crotch. His dick instantly hardened by the thought and soon he dabbed a handful of white lotion into his right hand. Blake sucked a sharp breathe and felt his cock going into his tight grasp, the lubricant giving him a nice sensation. " ffffuckk." Blake graoned, his other hand lifiting his own shirt and started to play withi his own nipple.

Lexy clicked the lock button on her keychain to lock up her car as she carried one of her class books with her into the Order house. She was glad that her final class was cancelled for the day because she had allergies anyways and gripped a tissue in her hand. She headed inside and up the stairs towards the dorm room she shared with Blake. She jiggled the doorknob a bit before she swung the door open. "Blake I'm ho- WHATAREYOUDOING?!" She screamed frantically as her eyes went huge and she dropped her book before she quickly slammed the door shut again. Was he?! Did she just see?! "Oh my god!!"

"AHHHHH!!" Blake yelled from his seat, his eyes bugged out like a dear in a head light. " shut the door! shut the door!" The boy panicked, he grabbed the nearest thign which was a box of tissues and threw it as the door that was instantly shut by her reaction. Holy shit! he just got caught jacking off! His heart dropped as he quickly got up to run to the bathroom, his jeans still to his ankles as he waddled over to slam the door behind him. His bare ass jiggling with every waddle.
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"I Have Enough Time!"
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