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 A cheesy Situation

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PostSubject: A cheesy Situation   Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:16 pm

Kayla : Kit had the entire thing masterfully planned out! After the fight him and Jo had gotten into about his drinking yet AGAIN he decided it was time to get her back for it. He had waited until she was in her room with the door shut before he did the set up. He placed peices of cubed cheese in a trail leading from her dorm door all the way down the stairs like a path for her to follow. At the bottom of the stairs there was a cardboard shoebox held up on one end by a stick with a bigger peice of cheese inside like a trap. A piece of string was tied to the stick and went over to were Kit was hiding. He wiggled a finger, the air cool with a breeze inside the house. He stayed hidden and waited until she was going to come out.

Pam: For some reason her soaps weren't firmign up the way they should and she had a funny feelign it was ebcause she bought the crappy glycerin. She needed to good stuff. Sometimes skimping on things wasn't the best choice. Running out to the store was the last thign she felt like doing but this was a necessity! She had to get the soaps done before next week since she was running low. She opened her door and nearly stepped on a cupe of..cheese? "The hell?" she whispered looking down at the trail quizically and following it down the steps where she saw a shoebox with a string. Her eyes narrowed as she followed the string...

Kit waited patiently before he saw her moved towards him and he jumped out from hiding. "Gotcha!" He called out and stopped twirling his finger and pointed up. There was a bigger box hovering in the air that he had kept up by keeping the air circulating in it and when he stopped moving his finger it fell down and trapped Jo inside like the rat she was! "That'll teach you to pour out my whiskey!" He said and banged on the side of the box before walking away.

Jo looked up just as the box fell on her, crossing her arms over her head and shrieking. "KIT!" She yelled once she was alone in the dark box. "I'M GOING TO MURDER YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME?! YOU'RE DEAD, KIT RATHBONE! DEAD!"
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A cheesy Situation
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