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 Breakfast with Chance & Dylan

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PostSubject: Breakfast with Chance & Dylan   Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:41 pm

Chance: Chance's smile was even bigger and he shook his head playfully. "Open wiiiide." He held it up, tilting it downwards over her head. He wanted to put it in her mouth for her and watch her eat it

Dylan: Dylan practically squeeled with delight and threw her head back, opening her mouth wide for him to fill it with the sweet, white goodness

Chance: Chance tilted his head to the side, sticking his tongue out a little in concentration as he shook it up a bit before pointing the tip aiming for Dylan's mouth and watching as the white cream sprayed in, some of it missing and hitting her mouth and cheek.

Dylan: It was too much! Dylan's mouth wasn't big enough to accomodate all the cream Chance was pumping into her mouth. She threw her hands up to try and make him stop, moving her face away and shutting her mouth as some of it slid down her chin, dripping onto the bed. She giggled, her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunks as she tried to swallow it all.

--------------2 min earlier--------------

Chance: Chance laughed and bent down so he could eat the strawberry out of her hand and made an 'mmm' sound himself to show it was delicious. "Uh.. I don't think they gave us syrup. However..." He reached on the cart and grabbed a can of whip cream. "They did give us this?"

Dylan: Her eyes lit up and she reached for the can. "I want some!" The girl insisted playfully, wanting to practically nurse from the bottle.

Chance: "Oh you want it?" Chance asked and gave her an innocent look and then glanced at the can in his hand. "I don't know.. I mean, whip cream and strawberry pancakes? I'm not sure they go that well together.." He said playfully and held the can just out of her reach.

Dylan: "Are you kidding? They go GREAT together!" She would have gotten up and attacked him but the tray was on her lap and she was too lazy to move it, so instead she stretched her fingers as far up as she could, throwing the poutty lip at him again. "Gimmeeeeee!"
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Breakfast with Chance & Dylan
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