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 Whiskey's List

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PostSubject: Whiskey's List   Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:09 pm

I've decided I'm going to start adding brackets to show which episodes are of the most importance. [Plot] episodes are relating to a main event in a plot that I need. [Casual] is of course casual episodes with no big agenda. Others that are not marked are either random episodes or episodes that branch off of plots. I'm doing it more to keep myself organized than anything.


"M-Maybe um.." - Cullen/Felix [Casual]
"I don't think I heard you clearly" - Richter/Calera
"Blind Dates!" - Everett/Cresil
"So I heard" - Rueben/Delilah


"Meet the Parthenas" - Parthenas/Pheonix
"Nice to meet you!" - Anjali/Lexy [Casual]
"Friendly Fire" - Kota/Eric/Ming/Debbie


"Meet the Parthenas" - Parthenas/Pheonix

"Just trust me" - Epsilon/Eryn
"Um.. cupcake?" - Sindel/Felix
"Misunderstood?" - Icarus/Sebastian [Casual]

"Let's play some FOOTBALL!" - Malyk/Eric/Topher/Gabe/Nate/Wes/UNLV OPEN
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Whiskey's List
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