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 Superiors; Are They Who We Think They Are?

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PostSubject: Superiors; Are They Who We Think They Are?   Tue May 11, 2010 5:24 am

Dangerous; malicious; evil; malevolent; these are only
a few of the words that come to mind when the media
talks about Superiors. We hear about them everywhere
these days and the threat they pose to the public, but
how much of a threat are these so-called “superior”
beings to our community? Are they really dangerous?
How much do we really know about these people that
own super-human abilities and the damage they can
impose on us?

Not enough to make judgments on them. “Superiors
are all over the place, calmly trying to live their lives.”
Explained one of UNLV’s upperclassmen who works
with an organization on campus to promote a safe
place for superiors and non-superiors alike to
congregate and discuss current affairs. “Many of us
are too afraid to admit what we are…we're trying to show
people, both superiors and non superiors, that there is
nothing that they should be afraid of.”

As far back as our history goes there are supposed
accounts of superior activity, and not all of them evil.
Take the Salem Witch Trials for example; women
considered evil for possessing super human abilities.
Not enough? What about Moses? Or Jesus Christ
himself? Ordinary men who were able to possess the
powers of the lord. In most of these cases the superior
beings were persecuted for the things they were
capable of doing, but not everything they did was evil
or malicious, and in some cases they were only trying
to support the well being of mankind as a whole.

The government is waging an all out war on superiors.
There are concentration camp-like facilities all over the
country, and superiors are being sent there for
experimentation, reeducation, and eventual execution,"
Claims one student superior activist. The truth behind
these claims are unknown, but if they were it makes you
wonder; who are the true bad guys? The answers are
still unknown, but I think it is safe to say that no one knows
enough about the superior race to make an assumption
about their intentions as a whole. "I think the most
important thing is that we're not here for special rights.
Just equal rights. A criminal is still a criminal, but no one
should be persecuted for being who they are”

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Superiors; Are They Who We Think They Are?
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